Stars...............Jan, Christina, Keith, Kevin, Charles & James
Director............Mike B.
Company.............Jan B. Productions
                    P.O. Box 20213
                    Indianapolis, IN 46220
Minutes.............54 Min
Costs...............$33.00 For 1 Jan B. Video
                    $50.00 For 2 Jan B. Video's
                    $60.00 For 3 Jan B. Video's
JAN & CHRISTINA DO THE GUYS...Jan invites Christina over for some black cock lovin' fun!
She has invited four black studs over to play with.... and Jan is just in the mood to play! She
leads Christina into more slutty acts! The guys, Keith, Charles, James and Kevin (new one)
get lots of attention from these two hot ladies. They start out with two guys on each girl, giv-
ing the ladies some well deserved tongue-loving and some delicious cock to taste! These
girls are really horny and before long they are giving the guys a work out! Jan gets Kevin to
fuck Christina. Jan takes charge and tells Christina to tell him to fuck her with his "nigger"
cock. Christina tells him to give her that 'nigger dick'! They work him over real good before
letting him go.  Jan gets Christina into some girl/girl action, kissing and playing with each 
other through out the video. Next, Keith fucks Christina and fills her full of his hot load. Jan 
licks her cunt clean after Keith has filled her full. James steps in and he and Jan get it on, 
fucking up a storm. Jan cums all over his cock and he fills her full of his creamy load! YUM,
YUM... Jan licks his cock clean! Charles is hard and ready and Jan invites him to fuck Chris-
tina. They get into some hot action and when Christina climbs on to ride his cock, Jan invites
Kevin back to the bed for him to watch while she sucks his cock. Jan bends over the side of
the bed and starts sucking him and James comes up behind her and put his big dick in her 
pussy, fucking her while she gives Kevin a blow job and they all watch Christina ride that 
cock! Kevin is so turned on he can't hold back any longer and blows a load right into Jan's 
mouth! Then Charles turns Christina onto her back and fucks her hard and deep until he fills
her full! Jan gets another taste of that cream filled pussy! James is ready to fuck Christina 
and he mounts her, pushing his big thick cock into that sloppy wet pussy! Jan and Christina
wear these studs out and boy, are they all happy! Lots of fucking, sucking and cumming a-
long with some delicous cream pies!!!

This video ( B-275 ) runs 54 MINUTES and sells for $33.00 plus $5.00 S/H.
Tape Number.........B-275
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