Stars...............Jan, Justice, Dawn & Eddie
Director............Mike B.
Company.............Jan B. Productions
                    P.O. Box 20213
                    Indianapolis, IN 46220
Costs...............$33.00 For 1 Jan B. Video
                    $50.00 For 2 Jan B. Video's
                    $60.00 For 3 Jan B. Video's
DARK INTO DAWN...Jan helps another couple fulfill their interracial
fantasy. Dawn and her husband, Eddie, have been wanting to 
experience this situation for a long time and when they inquired
to Jan about arranging it for them she agreed to if she could 
video it and share their first experience with her fans! Dawn is a
bit nervous and Eddie is really excited! When Jan brings Justice
in for the introduction Dawn and Eddie both express their approval.
Especially when Jan reveals how well hung Justice is! Dawn has 
never seen anything like it in her life and she is very anxious to 
experience that huge cock! She can only get the head of it in her 
mouth, but she gives it her best shot and Eddie encourages her to
enjoy it!! Justice gives her a good tongue fuck and she moans with
pleasure! Eddie is pacing back and forth on the sidelines and is 
really enjoying his wife getting nailed by that big black cock. Dawn
rides that cock and takes it all in her cunt! Justice fucks her in sev-
eral positions and cums deep in her married cunt. They take a little
break and go at it again! Dawn can't get enough of that black cock! I
guess, since this is her first black cock and her first video, she wants
to make the most of it!!! And Justice makes sure he leaves a good 
impression by busting another nut in her! Eddie and Dawn are ec-
static and very glad Jan helped them do the Dark into Dawn!!!

This video ( B-228 ) runs 50 MINUTES and sells for $33.00.
Tape Number.........B-228
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