Monet' First Creampie

Director............Mike B.
Company.............Jan B. Productions
                    P.O. Box 20213
                    Indianapolis, IN 46220
Costs...............$33.00 For 1 Jan B. Video
                    $50.00 For 2 Jan B. Video's
                    $60.00 For 3 Jan B. Video's
Jan and Monet' get together again, but, this time Monet' is willing and
ready to do a cream pie video. Jan knows she is not on birth control and
asks her if she's willing to take the chance of getting pregnant so she
can have some more black cock on video.

Jan explained to Monet' that a cream pie shot is very crucial for the
success of her video business, so, Monet' agrees to chance it and let
the guy's cum inside her.

Jan has arranged for Justice and Dickie to give Monet' a good fucking.
These guys take over and Monet' is at their mercy, she sucks cock as they
take turns eating her delicious pussy. Lots of oral action in this video!

Dickie fucks her from behind as she gives Justice a blow job. Then Justice
takes her one-on-one and they get into some good hard fucking until he
delivers his load to her unprotected cunt. You see the cum dripping
out and all over the bed! Oh, but, Dickie isn't done! He comes back for
more of Monet' and her sweet pussy, fucking her until he delivers his nut
for you to see!

Dickie likes for you to see his nut dripping out! Monet' is content and
satisfied, not worrying about getting pregnant, just glad she got some
more black cock!!

This video ( B-196 ) runs 1 HOUR and sells for $33.00.

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