Never Been Black Cocked

Director............Mike B.
Company.............Jan B. Productions
                    P.O. Box 20213
                    Indianapolis, IN 46220
Costs...............$33.00 For 1 Jan B. Video
                    $50.00 For 2 Jan B. Video's
                    $60.00 For 3 Jan B. Video's
Jan introduces you to a tall (6'2"), sexy, blonde named Shelly.
She is 24 years old and has never had sex with a black man before!
And she has never done a video before either!!
Shelly's one concern was that she isn't on any birth control, but she
really wants to try black cock!

So, Jan fixes her up with Justice, a very well endowed black stud.

When they get undressed, it's obvious Shelly is enthralled by the size of
his cock! She keeps commenting about how HUGE it is!
Shelly gets on her knees and sucks his cock, licking it and admiring it
every time she pulls back.
Justice wants to taste pussy and they get on the bed in a 69 position with
Shelly on top. Justice knows how to eat pussy and Shelly finds out first

After some oral and finger play in several positions, Justice puts the
'ol cock to her and she loves it!

He fucks her every which way and she can't get enough!!

The pussy is so damn good too!

Shelly comes over and over again and Justice fills her cunt with his
creamy white juices!

Shelly is sorry she waited so long to try black cock!
She loves it!!   WOW!!

This video (B-188) runs 45 MINUTES and sells for $33.00

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