Kiss Me, Lick Me, Fuck Me

Director............Mike B.
Company.............Jan B. Productions
                    P.O. Box 20213
                    Indianapolis, IN 46220
Costs...............$33.00 For 1 Jan B. Video
                    $50.00 For 2 Jan B. Video's
                    $60.00 For 3 Jan B. Video's
KISS ME, LICK ME, FUCK ME...Jan introduces you to her 
new friend, Mon'et, a 20 year old cutie. Mon'et wanted 
to do a few videos with Jan and try some new sexual ex-
periences. She did a solo masturbation and loved it, so,
when Jan suggested they do one together, she was ready 
to try anything! Mon'et is slender, sexy and sensuous 
and she isn't afraid to try anything once. She lets Jan
manipulate her and do anything she wants to her and she
even likes what Jan does to her! As Jan gets into eat-
ing her shaved pussy, she gets into Jan and they get it 
on like you wouldn't believe! Mon'et had demonstrated 
putting her legs up with her feet behind her head in the 
solo video, so, Jan asks to see her do it again, only 
this time Jan is there to take advantage of her lovely 
pussy andlicks her from asshole to appetite! Jan loves
teasing you as she
devours this delicous young thing and 
it is obvious they are both enjoying  getting you and 
each other turned on!!Jan feels a little cock between 
friends would be great and brings out the double dildo. 
These two bitches make the mother fucker disappear! One 
end in Jan the other in Mon'et! Some pussy to pussy and 
then some butt to butt! The next item up for fucking is 
the strap-on cock and Mon'et is more than willing to be 
the fuckee! She loves having her pussy stretched and 
full! Jan fucks her in several positions but doggie style seems to be her 
favorite and Jan gives it to her HARD! 
Mon'et can't get enough so Jan keeps fucking her and  
fucking her and fucking her!This is the first time Jan 
has ever fucked a girl this long, deep and hard! Jan 
finally has to take a break, she is sweating and panting!
'Sup with this? One
things for sure, Jan is really en-
joying this girl and Mon'et is really enjoying Jan! They
do alot of tongue kissing and smootching throughout the 
entire video. They can't seem to get enough of each  
other. This is undoubtedly one of the youngest and hot-
test ladies Jan has encountered and this is undoubtedly 
one of the HOTTEST girl/girl videos ever!

This video (A-055) runs 1 HOUR and sells for $33.00

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